All you ever need do is hold my hand
you don’t have to carry me

When I fall
I need to find my own way up
all you need do is lend me your reassuring hand

When I have rubbed myself raw, struggling against life
I just need the gift of your soothing hand
to hold while I find my way through

And when I am wild with passionate blame
convinced you are wrong
don’t fight me or leave me
sit with me and hold my hand

When I am confused, you don’t need to fix me
I need to recognise my own knowing

When I am tired
take my hand and show me to my bed

If I believe myself broken and ask you to carry me
refuse, and offer me your loving hand
I will remember my wholeness

I need to feel my feet on this solid earth
All you ever, ever need do
is walk with me and simply hold my hand


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