I've lived an eclectic and varied career. I dig into what interests me and have been fortunate enough that this learning has translated into self-employment. At this time in my career, as well as writing, I work as a trainer, coach and presenter; teaching people how to have effective conversation - coreconversations.co.nz.

Underlying everything I do is a fascination and love of words. My mind likes nothing better than to take an experience or idea, and translate it into writing. I have not always trusted my need to write and have disappeared off on other adventures. But the need to express myself in words always brings me back to the empty page.

I live on the hills overlooking Wellington, New Zealand, with my husband Peter and our cat and dog. My adult daughters bounce back home from time to time.

I also offer readings from my writing to facilitate interactive conversations with an audience or group. Fun, reflective, provocative and affirming these are available in New Zealand or overseas via video call


On any topic covered in my writing or communication work 



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