I will hurt you, this I can promise
for if I don’t, then this is not love

I want you rough and raw
not some smooth and shiny version that may suit me better
And I will not always change for you
We will not always fit
This I can promise

Sometimes when you come to me small and fragile
I will fail you
This too I can promise
Forgive me

You will know my fury
You will know my withdrawal
I will blame you
This I can promise
Again – forgive me

In the sometimes conflict and confusion
I will not dull myself so we can live in numbed compliance
I promise to stay present and alive with you

And yes, there will be love and lust, laughter and joy
that's the easy part

You will not be everything I want
and I promise to still want you
When I see you lacking
I promise to look away

And each morning
I promise to come back to you
my body and my heart open

This is my offering to you
These are my vows


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